9th July 2008 - Almerimar to San Jose (death of the crew)

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Wed 9 Jul 2008 17:19
At their age you would have thought that they would have known better.  While Big Pete, Tracy and I came back to the boat last night at a late but reasonable hour, Bali Hai's answer to the Liver Birds decided to stay for one or two more drinks. I am not sure when they returned but apparently when Tracy got up part way through the night she found Mike unconscious in the cockpit and Thin Pete curled up in the foetal position on the small sofa in the saloon.  She returned to bed but was awakened not long after by the Bali Hai nasal band playing with gusto in the cabin next door, accompanied intermittently by Big Pete and his deep bass snoring.
Well the boys paid for it today, even with a long lie-in for a 11 o'clock departure, they moved about the boat in a zombie like state for most of the day.
The forecast was for no wind (in fact the forecast is for very little wind the rest of the week) and we motored for a large part of the day with winds of just 1-2 knots.  As we approached Cabo de Gata the breeze picked up and we managed quite a good few hours of sailing (albeit mostly in the wrong direction as both the wind and current were coming from where we wanted to go).  Big Pete helmed most of the time while Thin Pete and Mike lay on the deck, only stirring when two whales passed by.  They were a few hundred yards away but breaking the surface and spouting water every so often they were still impressive.
We are now anchored just of San Jose, which bears little resemblance to its Californian counterpart but is pleasant nevertheless.  Unfortunately it is open to the swell coming in from the east and worryingly we may be in for another rolly night.