6th June 2008 - Day 2 in Bayona

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Fri 6 Jun 2008 16:34
Within a few hours of arriving and after a sleep, one or two glasses of cava and a selection of Spanish cured meats that John bought everyone is refreshed.  This was very much helped by the weather which has at last become sunny and hot.  Even better, it is forecast to remain like this for the next few days.
Yesterday Arwen organised an early evening drinks party on their boat.  Unfortunately we arrived rather late but still managed one or two glasses of wine before heading up to the Yacht Club bar, where the amount of gin you have in a gin and tonic or rum in a rum and coke depends entirely on when you remind the barman to stop pouring.  Then into town for some tapas with the crews of Serafina and Vision.  A very pleasant evening was had by all and even I managed to stay awake until past midnight - which is quite an achievement normally but especially after I had only had six hours of sleep since leaving Plymouth.  I was also cheered considerably when everyone seemed to take great delight in cracking jokes at the expense of the poor crew member who tossed the davit handle over the side.
This morning we woke to a glorious beautiful sunny day and soon converted the boat from UK to Mediterranean mode - removed the sprayhood and put up the bimini (sun awning) and hammock.  Andrew also switched from layabout into handyman mode, rushing around making lots of minor repairs to the boat.
As I write this (3pm) all but one of the boats have arrived.  We are staying in Bayona for a few days until the next leg on Tuesday.  Tomorrow we have a trip to Santiago de Compostela but the rest of the time is going to be spent relaxing in the sun.  The crew have just gone into town to purchase some local beverages to make the relaxing less arduous.
A few messages:
Jo - we will try but are not sure whether it will get past the censors - even if whiter than white and with no holes.
PB - all is very beautiful but wish it was more hot and spicy.
Rory - does your dad own a mask and snorkel?