28th Sept 2008 - Lazy day in Port Colom

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Sun 28 Sep 2008 23:42
We were up fairly early as Pete, Dave and Ardva had their taxi picking them up at 8:30. 
It was probably the warmest day so far; very sunny but quite breezy.  The harbourmaster came by and commented that Bali Hai was quite close to the shore on its mooring buoy but not to worry as the buoy was able to take up to six tonnes.  I did not like to mention that Bali Hai actually weighs 16 tonnes!  Of course I am now paranoid that we will end up on the shore even thought he GPS shows that we have not moved at all since we arrived.
After a pleasant breakfast on deck, Emma and I decided to explore the town.  It is larger than first appears with many tourist hotels, bars and restaurants at the other end away from the port.  However, it is like a ghost town with the majority of places closed for the season and just of sprinkling of British package tourists looking for a fish and chip shop.  The port end of town is infinitely more attractive and we returned to Restautante Mestral for some tapas and a glass of wine before returning to the boat to spend the rest or the day relaxing in the sun.