17th June 2008 - Do not go to Peniche....

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Tue 17 Jun 2008 16:39
.....if you want to spend the whole time bouncing around and listening to the crashes and crunches as your boat bounces off the pontoon and neighbouring boats when  inconsiderate Portuguese fishermen race past at breakneck speed throughout the day and night. 
Had I known how bad the marina was going to be at Peniche I may have reconsidered doing the Rally Portugal altogether.  This would be a shame as the town of Peniche is very nice.  A real town and not a tourist destination filled with ugly apartment blocks but a place with very picturesque cobbled streets and some fabulous seafood restaurants.  Maybe they should learn something from Oeiras, where we are now, and where there is a very successful and accommodating marina.
This being the first time we had a chance to recover from the party we did not do a great deal in Peniche other than wander about the town and visit a couple of restaurants.  In the evening there was a civic reception held in a horrible staff canteen.  It included the prize giving and, not surprisingly given our state during the day, we did not win any of the racing prizes.   We did however win a special prize for our party - a brass measure for a tot of rum.  It is great for the trophy cabinet but I am not sure whether it is better to be remembered as the boat that came first in the racing or first in the party hosting category.