6th July 2008 - Benalmadena (Large crew change)

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Sun 6 Jul 2008 23:03
Today was the crew change day.  Jim, Lyn and Julian were leaving to be replaced by Mike and Pete Clarke (Thin Pete), two 6'3" liverpudlian brothers, Pete Guest (Big Pete) similar in height to Thin Pete but somewhat broader and his girlfriend Tracy Young, all the way from Virginia.
Jim and Lyn stayed for most of the day as their flight was not until the evening and so we all went out for a late lunch together before they left.  Julian also stopped by (having gone home the previous night after partying until 7:30 in the morning) with Dan and his son Daniel and girlfriend.  They were a great crew, particularly after they had become more familiar with the boat, and I hope that they will come back in the future (unless of course they are suing me for libel after reading in this log).
One sad thing about the day was that it was more windy than any of the days that we had had in the past week - winds of 25+ knots and so they missed some potentially very good sailing.  It created quite a swell in the marina and the boat was bouncing around a great deal.  Something I thought we had left behind when coming into the Med.
The new crew went provisioning and returned with vast quantities of beer and meat and, apart from a few kilo of lemons for Tracy's gin and tonics and two onions, there was little sign of any other fruit and veg.  They then proceeded to break into the beers (with the excuse that they had to reduce the quantity of beer stored on Thin Pete's bed before he went to sleep.  During the course of the afternoon and evening not only did they consume much of what they had bought, they broke one bottle of wine and sent a full can of beer flying across the cockpit.  Perhaps more paper towels was another thing that should have been purchased.
At midnight they were all still at it and I went to bed - nervous.