25th Sept 2008 - Sunny sailing at last

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Thu 25 Sep 2008 23:37
When we woke it was a clear blue sky and a pleasant breeze.  As predicted we did not make the eight o'clock start, Pete not emerging from his favourite part of the boat until five to nine.  However, with a bit of cajoling we did manage to get underway by nine thirty.  It was a beautiful sail, we beat out of the bay and then turned down the coast on a reach in 15 knots of wind and moderate seas.
The wind was easterly and down the east coast we had to sail almost to Port Colom, our final destination, before we found a bay that offered reasonable shelter from the east.  We ended up at Calas Magraner which is a beautiful well protected bay with three beachy coves and we were to end up spending the night at anchor with just two other boats.  There was some swell but nothing like as bad we experienced when travelling along the Spanish mainland.
After arriving we went swimming (the water is definitely starting to turn more chilly) and then had a barbeque while watching the sun go down.  For the first time on this holiday we were then able to sit out under the stars.