16th June 2008 - Leg 4 Fig da Foz to Peniche

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Mon 16 Jun 2008 16:38
Needless to say after yesterday's party we all felt like death today for the 56 mile leg from Fig to Peniche.  It was a shame because after a cold and wet start to the morning it turned out to be a wonderful day's sail. 
Unfortunately Rob saw virtually nothing of it after disappearing below shortly after the start, we did not see him again until he was roused to help docking in Peniche.  Andrew did a little better but still spent most of the trip asleep on the back of the boat.  It was left to John and me to do most of the sailing and listen to reports coming in from other boats about their casualties from the day before.
We motored for about 40 minutes early in the day when the wind was light but otherwise we sailed, as did most of the fleet.  With winds reaching 16 knots across the boat at times and we managed a maximum boat speed of 9.4 knots (albeit very briefly).  Later the sun came out and the sail along the coast was beautiful.  We crossed the line fifth.