22th June 2008 - I eat my words, I was completely wrong...

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Sun 22 Jun 2008 20:03
the handicap system operated by WCC is absolutely perfect and properly reflects the results of each race.  When it emerged in today's prize giving that, after adjusting for handicaps, Bali Hai had actually come first in the race from Oerias to Sines we were happy accept the result without any objection.  Although, with murmurings of sweeteners being paid to the rally organisers to fix the results, we do question whether a pot of honey was actually an appropriate prize for such a momentous achievement.
The prize giving was held in the morning in Sines and we were lucky to make it on time after the night before (in fact Rob didn't).  There were several prizes awarded, the most interesting going to Mariah for the painting they made on the breakwater at Oerias.  When it was our turn, I was ready to go up and collect our pot of honey when Andy vaulted over the barrier and did so on our behalf.  It seemed to have something to do with the fact that the prizes were being handed out by an extremely attractive young lady who also bestowed a kiss on each of the recipients.
After the prize giving we wandered into town for some lunch in a local restaurant.  The food was simple, just grilled fish and meat with veg but it was all cooked to perfection.
The afternoon was spent relaxing, followed by an early night, as it would be a 7am race start for the final leg to Lagos.