12th June 2008 - Day trip to Porto

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Thu 12 Jun 2008 16:37
The day started ominously with scurrilous rumours abound that a certain Blackpoolian member of our crew had appropriated certain articles of underwear from Blonde Moment's washing line.  This has been completely denied and Andrew's strange gait put down to too much starch in his shorts.  However, if tomorrow we take line honours as a result of our new spinnaker I suspect that accusations will continue to fly.
After this initial blip it turned out to be a fabulous day.  Porto is a very interesting city build on steep river banks on either side of the River Douro.  The port lodges are located on one side of the river and although the tour of Taylor's port lodge was rather limited as all the wine is actually made 100 miles up river it was still very interesting.  After the tour we wandered down to the river front for a meal with the crews of Sea Lion, Vision and Blonde Moment - the local salt cod, some white port, vinho verde and then tawny port (we were in Porto after all).  We then headed up to a bar recommended by Lonely Planet for its port tastings but found that the opening hours were 4 until midnight and as the coach left at 3 we were forced to retire elsewhere.
Back now on the boat, the crew are busy getting it ready as I write this.  We have a 7 o'clock start tomorrow for a long 65 mile leg and so we thought it  better to be fully prepared the night before.