21st Sept 2008 - Human castles and the rest of the crew

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Sun 21 Sep 2008 23:17
The highlight of the La Mercè Festival today was the human castles, a Catalan tradition of building towers of people.  It was quite impressive as the towers went up to a height seven or eight people standing on each other's shoulders with a small child perched on the top.  There is no form of safety net and on one occasion a tower came crashing to the ground with people falling everywhere.
In the late afternoon Dave and Ardva arrived.  Quizzed on her unusual name she revealed it resulted from her parents having had too many drinks and an association with the RAF.  Ardv being the Latin for endeavour in the RAF motto.  After a few drinks ourselves on board we went to one of the restaurants opposite the marina for a paella and then into the funfair where we hopefully had our full of crashing into things on the dodgems and there will be no more for the rest of the week.