7th June 2008 - Trip to Santiago de Compostela

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Sat 7 Jun 2008 16:35
Today there was on organised tour to Santiago de Compostela and we all bussed off like bunch of school kids under the watchful eye of teacher Kieran.
Santiago is the town where many pilgrims walk or cycle to to pay their respects to the remains of St James, apparently one of the most popular pilgrimage targets in the world.  It is famous for its cathedral and its massive swinging incense basket (the botafumeiro).  It weighs 53kg and reaches 68km/hr as it swings over the heads of the congregation.  It is only set swinging a few times a year and we were lucky enough to be there during a special mass and the thing was set swinging.  It was quite impressive.
The town is also famous for its almond cake and its cheese, the shape of which resembles something else that can be set swinging if not properly restrained (see picture).
Overall it was a pleasant day on terra firma and great to see something of Galicia.  We returned to the boat and dinner with the crew of Blonde Moment.  I left my crew to another night of partying which I gather went on until quite late.  Although I am assured that the effects of the previous night had nothing to do with Sarah stepping off her boat and straight into the water in the morning.