7th Oct 2008 - Sore bum

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Tue 7 Oct 2008 23:27
After last night no-one was up particularly early this morning.  Emma in particular was not feeling tickety boo.  We had decided to hire bikes for the day and see something of the island.  Emma and I, having not spent much time on cycles since childhood, were somewhat wobbly at first and we had to be watched closely by Mo and Richard, who were the Lance Armstrongs of the crew. 
The plan was to cycle to the north coast which is supposed to be pretty spectacular and we headed up to the beautiful cove of Cala Morell.  The ride was actually not too bad without any serious slopes except ride up from the coast at the cala.  On the way we stopped at some old prehistoric burial caves and finally ended up in a small cafe overlooking the bay for lunch. 
The 16km trip to Cala Morell and back was enough for Emma and me and we decided to explore the town of Ciudadela while Mo and Richard went off on their bikes to the Southern part of the island.  The town is by far the most attractive we have seen so far in the Balearics.  Not large but the old part of town is very quaint and the Spanish influence much more noticeable than in Mahon.
Mo and Richard returned and having got the boat ready to leave we headed to a nearby restaurant for paella before the overnight sail to Barcelona.  It was here that the tale of Mo's reckless cycling came to light.  Apparently when being too cocky and cycling too close to Richard they touched wheels and Mo ended up sprawled in the middle of the road.  Fortunately he was okay with nothing more than dented pride.