4th July 2008 - Gibraltar (a day spent with some monkeys)

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Fri 4 Jul 2008 23:55
Today was a day off in Gibraltar and as in Cadiz it turned into a walking marathon.  We had originally planned to take the cable car up the rock but high winds meant that it was not operational.  We decided to walk around all the sights instead but this turned out to be a rather exhausting thing to do as most of them are located several hundred feet above sea level.  Even the Duracell Bunny struggled with the heat and the hills.  Fortunately we were revived mid-way with a sausage, egg, bacon and beefburger sandwich in a touristy cafe.
Many people had said to me that Gibraltar was not worth visiting but I disagree and found it quite an interesting place, for a day trip or weekend.  Because of the geography it reminds me a little of Hong Kong (a smaller, seedier 1970s version).  The tunnels dug to protect the island from siege by the Spanish, the St Michael Caves and the apes colonies are well worth a visit.  The views from the rock over to Spain on one side and Africa on the other are also quite spectacular and also a bit Hong Kong like.