2nd June - Girolata to Calvi (a costly mistake?)

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Tue 2 Jun 2009 22:28
After a comfortable night at anchor we awoke to a lovely morning with the sun shinning on the red rocks around the bay. 
The first task was to replace one of the drainage bungs in the dinghy.  While the dinghy was in Barcelona the bung in the rear of the transom which drains water from between the hulls had gone missing.  Pete had bought a replacement from the UK but it was a different type and so we had to replace the whole fitting. 
Dave volunteered to be the repairman but, being a little vertically challenged, he could not reach up from the bathing platform.  So we decided to try and suspend him over the back of the boat using the bosun's chair and spinnaker halyard.  I was just about to secure the lines when there was a whoosh and Dave's head flashed past me as he swung rapidly through the water from the back of the boat to the middle.  Fortunately being attached by the halyard it was not too difficult to winch him back on.  The next time we used a second rope to make sure he was properly secure and all went well.
It was only 24 miles up the coast to Calvi and with a gentle wind it was a pleasant sail.  Calvi is indeed a beautiful place with a citadel overlooking a bay with snow capped mountains in the background.  Unfortunately, the mooring buoys we were planning to use had not yet been laid and we were forced to stay in the marina - which at €100 a night is the most expensive so far.