8th June 2008 - Another day in Bayona and a message for Helen Griffiths

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Sun 8 Jun 2008 16:36
A bit of friction on the boat today as the skipper thought that the crew should do some work on the boat to make us ship shape but a mutiny led by Mr Hutton, who thought that a jolly trip into town would be more fun, meant that I was left on my own to clean the boat all morning. 
The icy tension thawed that evening at the prize giving party when it emerged that we had we had won the "smiley miley" competition.  The objective was to guess the number of miles the organisers had driven on the way to meet us in Bayona and clearly our strategy of blackmailing one of the organising staff had worked as it seemed that we had won the competition despite being only the fourth closest estimate.
The better news was that it emerged that we had come second in the Plymouth to Bayona leg after adjusting for handicaps, even without any money changing hands! 
The celebrations went on until the early hours of the morning with what is left of the crew from Vision.  I have been asked by "skinny dipping" Emma from Vision to pass a message to her sister Helen.  Unfortunately the evening is a bit hazy and I cannot remember what the message was but I think that is had something to do with replacing a lanky, davit handle throwing crew member of Bali Hai.