15th June 2008 - Party

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Sun 15 Jun 2008 16:38
The Hot Leg's cabaret was a bit of a let down apparently, more like luke warm legs.  John and I restricted our involvement to looking at the sexy legs displayed on the ticket but did not feel like venturing out for the 11 o'clock show.  We were told that looking at the ticket was more exciting than anything in the show.  If I tell you that it commenced with a half hour of presentations to the local Portuguese handball champions then you will get the idea.
Sunday was a day off.  Unfortunately Andrew Bishop one of the rally organisers had been giving us completely unfounded stick for not inviting other boats for a drink so we decided that we would invite everyone else round for a few afternoon cocktails.  The pictures in the gallery should give some idea of what transpired but the highlights were as follows:
1.    All boats came along.  About 50 in total.
2.    It started at 4 in the afternoon.  The last person left at 2 in the morning.
3.    Drink consumption - three cases of wine, 7 1/2 bottles of vodka, rum, gin, numerous cans of beer and cider.  One glass of water.
4.    John "Cocktail Man" Hutton excelled in the production of mojitos and sea breezes
5.    The music became so loud the stereo blew up.
6.    Fortunately, as a rugby man, Mark from Blue Beyond had a full repertoire of songs and was an excellent replacement.
7.    Certain female guests found innovative uses for the Bali Hai grass skirts as replacements for their own garments