26th Sept 2008 - The Training of Ardva

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Fri 26 Sep 2008 23:37
For the second day in a row we woke to sunny skies.  The bay where we were anchored was very beautiful in the morning sun.  We left at about 10 in the morning and embarked on an intensive sailing course for Ardva, who had never been sailing properly before.  She started well, being able to pull up the mainsail unaided, a task that neither Pete nor Dave had managed before.
When she took the wheel Ardva demonstrated that her true calling is that of a ballet dancer as the boat pirouetted rapidly through one 360 degree spin to the next.  Dave had optimistically taken his book on deck but there was no chance of reading as he and Pete were called into constant action when accidental tacks were followed by accidental gybes in quick succession.  However, after a couple of hours things had improved and Ardva was able to steer a reasonably straight course and we headed to Port Colom.
Port Colom is a large natural harbour.  We arrived a day early as strong winds were forecast for tomorrow and I will now be based here until the next crew arrive on 30th September.  The berthing options are in a marina, port authority mooring buoys or anchoring.  All of which attract a charge and we ended up picking up the last remaining mooring buoy in a fabulous spot right next to the town for only Euro10 per night (including shower use).  Being in the marina would mean that you can come and go from the boat without having to use the dinghy but being able to sit on deck and watch the world go by in the harbour offsets this inconvenience.
We went into town for a bite of lunch then the chaps retired for a siesta while Ardva went for a walk around town.  When she returned we opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate her 40th birthday and booked a table at the restaurant at Club Nautica which has been recommended by several people and, while the restaurant was not much to look at, the food turned out to be excellent.
Also this evening Emma eventually arrived, having been delayed by the arrival into the World of a new niece.  Although she missed all of the first part of the trip she is staying for the second part and, as Mo has already indicated, she will "no doubt add a softer and more relaxed touch to proceedings."  I cannot think what he means?!