9th June 2008 - Last day in Bayona

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Mon 9 Jun 2008 16:36
Not much to report today.  Suffice to say, Andy emerged from his cabin for breakfast in the late morning, pale and wearing sunglasses.  The rest of the crew also did not feel up to anything much more active than lazing about in the beautiful Spanish sun, except for a brief trip to the laundry.
We continue to receive instructions from an e-mail address called the British Admiralty, at first we thought that this was a prank by one of our friends but we are now forced to consider that they may actually be genuine and to act on them accordingly.
We retired early in the evening after an excellent seafood meal at the Yacht Club (early by Spanish standards that is as the restaurant does not open until well past my bedtime).  The crew set their alarms for 7 in the morning to be ready for the start of the next leg.  Even I thought that this was a bit early for a 10:30 race start but I was not going to put the knock this unexpected burst of enthusiasm (long may it continue).