2nd July 2008 - Cadiz (Jim morphs into the Duracell Bunny)

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Wed 2 Jul 2008 21:28
I got up this morning to find a completely new crew.  All fit, healthy and enthusiastic for the day ahead.  I put to the back of my mind the thought that this might have had something to do with the fact that there was no sailing involved today and looked forward to a day of pleasant activity (perhaps I should have been more cautious about what a good night's sleep had unleashed).
The original plan had been to go to Jerez for the sherry but based on our previous evening in Cadiz and the fact that the train trip was going to be quite a trek we decided to spend the day "pottering" about Cadiz instead.  As mentioned yesterday, the town is quite a walk from the marina but this was okay for a gentle stroll before lunch.  Lunch was very pleasant, simple grilled bream with a salad and a glass of cold beer.  While I considered that an afternoon siesta, following the example of most of the population of Cadiz, would be a good idea, Jim and Julian were both remarkably perky and the next moment we were off on a walking tour of the old part of the town. 
The tour was actually quite interesting with lots of twisty cobbled streets to explore but I was quite glad when we stopped for a glass of sherry and gallon of water at the end.  The question was then what to do before dinner?  Option 1 was to take a taxi back to the boat and rest or just sit in a cafe and relax.  Option 2 (at Jim's suggestion) was to hike half way across town in the searing heat to a department store; buy some sausages and then hike back across town to where we had just come from for dinner.
A moment of madness overtook me and I agreed to Jim's choice and off we went, following in the wake of the bionic man.  I really hope that the sausages are good and at least I was able to purchase some good sherry in lieu of not making it to Jerez.  
Julian's purchase at the department store was insect repellent, which he decided to spray on in the middle of the bar where we went for dinner.  In the mornings Julian emerges from his cabin smelling like a poof's boudoir and he applies insect repellent with the same liberal abandon, spraying himself and anyone within a ten foot radius.  It is not difficult to imagine the reaction of our fellow diners in the bar.
The food was very average but it was a wonderful outdoor setting with lots of activity in the plaza and it was great just watching the place come alive.  As it is (hopefully) another early start tomorrow for the long leg to Gibraltar we returned to the boat fairly early and got it ready and then had a nightcap (or rather Jim did - signalling a return to full health).