11th to 12th June - Bonafacio to Alghero (a giant leap for Iankind)

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Fri 12 Jun 2009 22:37
The weather problems earlier in the trip meant that we decided to skip our first stop on the north coast of Sardinia and head the 85 miles straight to Alghero (named after the algae that washed up on the beach) on the west coast. The forecast posted in the marina was for Force 5 westerlies rising to Force 7 later in the Bonafacio Straights, which we would be heading straight into.  So we headed out at 5:30 in the morning anticipating a rough trip. 
Jackie was happy as she relished the chance to wear her new sailing wellies that she had carried all the way here from Wales. Unfortunately she never had the chance to try out her rubberwear as the strong winds never materialised.  We still had to motor as the winds were on our nose for most of the time but in the last couple of hours did manage to get in some decent sailing.
Alghero has a massive marina and we were able to get a very nice berth on a pontoon overlooked by the walls of the old medieval town.  As he went ashore it was a giant leap for Ian, not because we had tied up the boat poorly but because it was the first time he had stepped on Italian soil.
Everyone was rather tired after the long trip and possibly fuelled by a few too many arrival beers had become rather ratty.  After trekking through the town to find a restaurant that we thought would appeal to everyone only to have it turned down because it did not have any chicken dishes, we were close to having to perform Bali Hai's first burial at sea.  Finally we ended up at Neptuno, a pizzeria back close to the marina, which did very good pizza (or in Jackie's case - beer and pizza).
Friday was generally a day for sightseeing and relaxing. Although I had to fix the gas supply as water had got into the new regulator (because it had been installed upside down) and the gas had stopped working.  Fortunately as the weather was so hot I just left the regulator in the sun for a few hours and the water evapourated away. 
After spending so much time with other people in last three weeks, Jackie and Ian where happy that we did something separately that evening and so Emma and I went for dinner together at Andrieni, described as Alghero's "restaurant of the moment."  It was an excellent meal and we were not home until 1:30 in the morning.