30th Sept 2008 - New arrivals at the crack of dawn.

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Tue 30 Sep 2008 23:14
Well, Rob of Seraphina was certain correct about the efficiency of Charles Whitehead as someone arrived to repair the generator before the cock had started to crow (at least it felt like that).  The repair was indeed straightforward with just the capacitor needing replacing.  Although it is rather worrying that this has happened after only 20 something engine hours.
I came up on deck to take the engineer back to shore, thinking I could now go back to bed and would still have plenty of time before Mo and Richard arrived for the next leg, only to find the two of them waving at me from the shore like two demented policemen at a busy intersection.  Their flights were due into Palma in the early hours and they were supposed to find a hotel before joining the boat at lunch time.  Instead they decided to hit the nightlife of Palma, not bother to sleep and take an early morning bus to Port Colom.
Experiencing a hyperactive Mo for the first time early in the morning after very little sleep is not something I would wish on my worst enemy but fortunately Emma coped very well.  Even more fortunately Mo decided to go for a swim, allowing calm to descend on the boat for a short while.  Then, after lots of coffee we headed to Restaunte Mestral for some tapas and wine before an afternoon siesta.
We then did some provisioning and part of the safety briefing before heading to Club Nautico for another excellent meal.