11th July - Portoferraio to Isola Capraia (being stalked by Mirabella V)

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Sat 11 Jul 2009 22:05
The next morning we had quite a lot to do before departing, including the safety briefing for Mark and Stacy and a trip to the supermarket for provisioning.  We also had to drop Greg and Ben off as they would be staying one more night in Elba before flying back to the UK.  Unfortunately, with Greg's departure, the blog will become rather more correct again.
Mark is particularly concerned that the blog does not say anything risqué, as being a well respected Californian plastic surgeon, he could not have anything written about him that might damage his reputation.  So, to be absolutely clear, the person with a horrible hangover, throwing up in the heads that morning was someone called Andrew.
Rob, Stacy and Andrew went to the supermarket to buy provisions while Emma and I readied the boat for departure.  It took them nearly one and a half hours to buy food for two lunches and one dinner!  Apparently Stacy was left to do the shopping all on her own (with one arm) while Andrew stood around in a zombie-like state and Rob did whatever it is that Rob does. 
We eventually managed to leave and motored the short distance to the island of Capraia north of Elba. Stacy is a wonderful cook and prepared lunch on the way.  Even with one arm she managed to present food that you would expect in a nice restaurant. 
Capraia is a small island and we were a bit worried as we arrived as there appeared to be quite a lot of boats for the small bay.  But we soon discovered an ingenious mooring system had been installed that enabled boats to be "Mediterranean moored" to a series of mooring buoys.  Unsure what to do there was fortunately a chap in a dinghy who rushed around helping people to pick up the various lines (see photo).
We ate ashore but when we returned to the boat we saw that Mirabella V had anchored off the island.  We had now seen her several times since Sardinia and were really beginning to feel that we were being stalked.  If they want some tips on sailing style or interior design they only need to ask!