13th June 2006 - Leg 3 Povoa to Figueira da Foz

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Fri 13 Jun 2008 16:37
We were up at 5:30 for the start of the 75 mile leg to Figueira da Foz to find that there was absolutely no wind and so the race was cancelled and the boats able to make their own way there in their own time.
Rob, razor sharp as always at this time of the morning, was making astute observations such as "you need wind to sail."  He then made a tremendous effort in winching out the mainsail only to realise that he had forgotten to put the rope around the winch.
The fleet pottered out under engine in a dead calm but beautiful sunny day.  However, after only a short while the fog arrived and we were all feeling our way forward in only 100 metres of visibility.  For sound signals, we tried using our first compressed air fog horn but only managed a fart like sound and a white mist - making the fog even worse.  The manual horn did well but after only a few 5 second blasts the crew were lying panting in the bottom of the boat.  Fortunately, it was third time lucky with the next compressed air horn.
The fog cleared around lunch time and as you can see from the photos John set to work with his rod catching our meal.  Meanwhile, I went about the inaugural lighting of the new barbeque.  Strictly speaking it is a braai as I had it custom built and shipped in from South Africa and it is much more substantial than the ones you get in UK chandlers.  The barbeque worked really well but unfortunately the fishing was less successful and we had to resort to various bovine offerings from the freezer.
After lunch the wind picked up and we managed some good sailing under spinnaker before arriving in Figueira around six thirty.  After cleaning the boat, John prepared some delicious mojitos before we headed up to the marina for a sardine grill.