Malahide Harbour 53:27.28N 06:09.07W

Ca Canny
Fri 28 Aug 2009 20:04

Thursday - a day for repairs ! Photo below of me up the mast repairing the Lazyjacks.
Weather was terrible - gale force 8 for most of the day - the whole Ardglass fishing fleet was confined to the harbour so we decided to get up at 5am Friday and see what the sea was like over the harbour wall - It was still rough so we went back to bed and up again at 7am and set off regardless leaving the fishermen still in their beds - stupid or what !!!
The morning was not good - the sea was rough and the winds were reaching 40mph plus at times but we hugged the shoreline to get out of the big swell and managed to get down to Dublin - Malahide harbour.
Tomorrow is forecast for pretty much the same so we are off again at 7am for a 12 hour sail down to Kilmore quay at the southern east tip of Ireland.
It`s not all bad though - had a good meal in a Thai restaurant this evening !!!
We live in hope for some winds that we can actually use the sails in !

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