21.05.00N 28.32.00W 27th November

Ca Canny
Fri 27 Nov 2009 12:55
Hi - Another day bouncing up and down on the sea !
Yesterday was a slower day - the wind was much lighter and we only managed to do about 150 miles leaving this morning about 1950 to go.
We had a radio net yesterday afternoon with the fleet net controller and out of all of the catamarans we have moved up from last place to first place which is fantastic and unbelievable ! Overall out of 230 boats - from crossing the start line an hour after the first boats due to our return to harbour to sort out the halliard problem we are sitting at number 39 boat in the entire fleet which includes all of the professional race boats !
On hearing this news - Alan instructed us to start rowing as we wern`t working hard enough !!!!
We have also heard that 8 boats have retired from the race due to various problems - one crew had to abandon ship !
Catch you later,