Sat 26th Dec 13.15N 61.15W Cumberland Bay St Vincent

Ca Canny
Sat 26 Dec 2009 22:21
Dear Blogg readers,
This is the last evening that I will be reporting back to you.
From tomorrow evening I will leave the task Isobel & Alan.
Alan asures me that it will be briefer due to his typing speed.
This morning, customs & immigration was cleared later than expected.
Due to the fact that 2 cruise ships where present in Admiralty Bay, the immigration officer was out.
So instead of leaving at 09.00, we left after lunch time, 13.00 hours.
We had a very good sail, beam reach. reaching 9.3knots without feeling in a washing machine.
We anchored stern to shore with a line attached to a palm tree.
Visited the local waterfall which was rather high. Saw the lush tropical inland.
Unfortunately, I have not been facing the fact that it is our last evening.
It is starting to dawn on me that tomorrow is our last day in Paradise.
Tine says, she could have done with another week.
I have been living for 6 weeks on a very luxurious catamaran, the family have joined me for the last 2 weeks.
We have had an incredible time.
Lets not get too sentimental and get going.