31.33.03N 011.49.25W

Ca Canny
Thu 22 Oct 2009 15:28
Thursday 22nd October 4pm.
We set off - Alan, Andrew ans I at 7pm yesterday evenibg and zre now some 160 miles south of Portugal.
The forecast when we set off was not good and it didn`t dissapoint. Huge swells to 7m and force 7 winds all night. Alan was throwing up over the stern within a mile of leaving the harbour at Portamao.
Once the sails were set, we decided to do an hour each and the shifts thru the night began at 10pm with Andrew, I drew the graveyard shift from 1 - 4am and when I woke Alan to take me off at 4 am, the first thing he did was throw up again over the back of the boat !
Apart from waves the size of a house occasionally crashing over the boat - the first 24 hours have been pretty uneventfull !
By the time I had finished my first shift t 4am I was soaked thru to the skin and on my 3rd set of dry (or now wet) clothes !
Today has been warm and sunny so most of the wet gear is dry and Alan has not been sick for 4 hours so things are looking up !
Shifts are rotating each night so mine tonight is 8pm to 10pm and then 4am to 7am.
Conditions are improving but the forecast is going the other way with no wind later - typical - too much or not enough and when there is enough it is usually in the wrong direction !