mon 23rd November 22.37.24 N 17.34.52W

Ca Canny
Mon 23 Nov 2009 10:54
Dear everyone,
We have left yesterday from Las palmas with a return to port even before the start line.
The spinnaker halyard was stuck up the top.
So back to the harbout the get up the mast and undo this.
Once out again, he start line had gone already, half an hour after everyone.
We saw a horizon full of ships going all directions.
Once the parasail was up we started cruising mighty fine with top speed of 18 knots.
After an hour we had bypassed a lot of boats. A lot of boats are going due East to bypass the potential intens winds and the windless area behind this at the airport.
We just went South and had good strong winds which the boat took without any problems.
We have done our first night now with 160 miles behind us.
The port cleat on the bow had to be tightened in the middle of the night as it came loose.
chaffe has started so we need carefull attention to all the lines and rigging.
Have to go to the SSB to listen to the weather forecast and how to work the networking.
To next time.