23.39.22N 23.18.76W Wed 25th November

Ca Canny
Wed 25 Nov 2009 13:05
Yesterday, Paul caught a Dorado with a length of 85 cm.
After letting rigor set in, we filleted it and fried it with salt & pepper.
Paul who didn't want to eat it initially has become a convert and has eaten as much as the rest. Very tasty fish I can assure you.
So the fishing interests are continuing. Unfortunately, Paul has already lost several diving hooks. One loss was a big hook through the head of the Dorado.
Alan has head a visit from a mermaid last night. She was called Isobel.
Jamie saw some shooting stars this morning.
We are making steady progress with an average speed of 8+ knots of speed.
The forecast is winds between 15 - 20 knots with gusts of 25.
We can hear the position of other boats and so have an idea where we are relatively to the others.
We are surfing down on big waves at the moment.
Skipper has the wheel in hand, Paul is making sandwiches, Jamie is reading his autobiography of Brian Clough.
We do enjoy getting e-mails from friends & family at the home front.
The night watch was uneventfull wih no ships in view.
Paul was visited by a pod of dolphins at night, they where putting up a fantastic display.
With phospherous exploding like fireworks as they played around the boat.
This is the end of the blogg for today.