Jamie's blogg

Ca Canny
Thu 26 Nov 2009 14:34
Hi to everyone at school or wherever you are its Jamie here,
I dont know if you have read the first few blogs but we started last in 230th place an hour behind everyone else because of problems with the front sail there was a rope wrapped around it so we had to back and fix it! 
We have been on the radio to the ARC control and we have gone in to first place in the multi-haul section and 39th overall in the race itself so we are pretty happy with that.
We just caught a dorado (fish) about a meter long so thats tea for tonight i think, yum! :(
Everything is good, we are predicted to finish in around about 12 days so about the 8th of december.
I hope its not too wet back in scotland haha, its nice and warm here.
P.S. Mr Herron, ive not found the atlantic post office yet! ha
See you all soon,