26th November

Ca Canny
Thu 26 Nov 2009 11:33
Hello to everyone who is following this daily blogg.
We are in the middle of the deep blue sea, the fleet is thinning out. Only one boat seen on our overnight watch.
Paul & Jamie had a bad day fishing, tied the hook on the head of the dorado, promptly throw it over the side and promply lost it.
After the second lure went o ver the side, lasted about half an hour and lost this one as well. Now lighter lures/sheeper lures are being used. But in all honesty, we are going for the fishing and the rods are hanging up under the canopy.
Dinner yesterday was chicken stew with roast patatoes and vegetables in a bejamel sauce all prepared by our keen masterchef. After this the dishes are done by the one who actually finds it relaxing.
It is just amazing how the colour of the sea is actually a beatifull deep blue.
We keep a daily 3 hourly log.
Jamie says hi to all his friends.he is doing 2 shifts over 24 hours: the 7 to 10 twice a day.
We had the last banana today with breackfast. But Paul is happy because we have plenty saucages left. The deep freezer is working well, so no risk of us falling without food.
jamie is wanting for a kebab, he has not had one for months hi,hi.
Today we are going to take the parasail down to change the positions of the worn out lines.
Paul has cut my hair with the clipper, so now I am wearing a cap at all times.
I look like an ex-convict.
Please let the e-mails come in as we enjoy them very much.
It is good to hear that everyone at home is well.
At the moment the red hot chili Pipers are playing. This was a birthday present from Andrew for Alan.
The trade winds are very steady up till now.
We have a daily GRIB file which we download over the internet which gives us an idea of the winddirection and strength over different stadia for the next 72 hours.