31.33.03N 011.49.25W

Ca Canny
Thu 22 Oct 2009 07:41
Thursday 22nd October 4pm.
We set off at 7pm last night - Alan, Andrew and myself on board.
Alan began throwing up over the back of the boat within 10 minutes of hitting the ocean !
Forecast was terrible with 5-7 metre swells and wind gusts to 35 mph - but we had a timetable to keep to so we set off regardless !
The forecast was unfortunately correct and we were hit pretty hard during the night. I drew the graveyard shift from 1am to 4am which was not good !
As the day has progressed the swells have become further apart but we are still being hit by waves the size of a house !
Alan has left the disc for the sat phone internet connection in his computer bag at home so we are unable to connect to the internet for up to date forecasts so we can only hope that things will improve. At least the sun is shining !

Windows 7: I wanted more reliable, now it's more reliable. Wow!