Tue 12.24N 61.19W Canouan

Ca Canny
Tue 22 Dec 2009 23:03
Dear Blogg readers,
I am a day behind  with this blogg.
Yesterday, we where on the beach late, went for a shower in land and to a pizza place after that.
ME suggested a lobster pizza that some people had adviced.
We had a 15 inch pizza for us all.
There was a lot of lobster on it and it was lovely.
Unfortunately we ordered 3 more 15 inch pizza's which turned out to be far too much.
No problem we got it home in a box.
Today, we filled up with diesel, gas and stocked up on food for a few days.
We had pulled names between us for Xmas. So everyone bought a Xmas present for his named person.
It was actually fun as there was not too much choice anyway.
We left around lunch time.
Initially set the main sail with one reef but the wind was only 15 knots, so we took out the reef. With the genoa and full main sail, beam reach, we had the most perfect sail we have had to date. Over 8 knots, smooth, everyone enjoying it.
By the end, we did a man over board manouver with Alan's cap that went overboard. Pieter had to dive over the side because at the end the cap started to sink after having bobbed leasurly on its convex side.
We arrived in Canouan. A small Island.
We are all getting better at landing a mooring, setting the bridle etc.
Time for our Creole chicken curry prepared by the female side of the crew.