Sunday 29th November 09

Ca Canny
Sun 29 Nov 2009 12:51
hello everyone,
Saturday still
Just had a text from Mandy, it is 2 degrees, freezing cold and pitch black.
Here it is 10 to 5 in the evening, the sun is still high in the sky and it is 28.4 degrees in the cabin/cokpit of the boat.
Paul has been in charge of inspecting the rigging this afternoon and has spend long hours lying on his back looking up at the rigging, taking this job very seriously indeed.
Applying copious amount of sun cream.
We have changed our clocks one hour back.The plan is to do this gradually to come to the total of 4 hours difference in St Lucia.
Time for a cup of tea with a biscuit.
For dinner we had pork/saugages with roasted patatoes and vegies.
After this we started to see big clouds coming astern, possible squalls on the way.
So we took the parasail down to prevent it blowing out with the strong gusts of wind that can come with these squalls.
Mainsail and foresail up for the night.
Wind was stable for a large part of  the night but strong varible gusts presented in the early morning.
Because of the change of sail, our speed was slightly lower but we still made 170 miles in the 24 ours.
This morning, the wind has settled, we have changed back to the parasail.
A heavy down poor passed over us.
We just saw a squall passing by us on portside.
No further news from the moving front.
Cheers till next blogg.