13.57N 67.01W Marigot Bay

Ca Canny
Thu 17 Dec 2009 22:23
Dear Blogg readers,
It has been a while since we have continued with the blogg.
We have been based in Rodney Bay till today.
We have had a taste of the rum, the parties, the different eateries etc.
Paul & Jamie have jumped ship with the arrival of their family.
They have moved to the St Lucia Rex hotel where they will be based for 3 weeks.
The street across the hotel is full of different restaurants so they will have a ball.
We had a last meal together with the 3 families.
Marc finally sorted his Mastercard, so he feels better.
A few nights ago, Tine and me, went to the ARC party organised by the marina.
It was incredible, all local rum, everyone plastered as they say.
We had to go home and put Tine to bed with a bucket next to her.
Anyway, this morning, we finalised the water and electricity charges, checked out with customs and off we went.
Marie-Ellen & Isobel, Tine, Lucas, Pieter & Sophie are the new crew on the boat.
We have only moved to Marigot Bay, we are on the mooring, the kids went snorkelling with Alan. Alan Slipped down a slipway which was green and slippery.
The ladies went on shore and ME found a Xmas present for Alan.
We have decided to make the sundowner the central time of the day.
For this, we bought Bounty rum, the local rum, vodka and gin.
So we had a good start today.
A table has been booked by the ladies at Doolittle in Marigot Bay.
The kids are sitting inside playing with Isobel's iMacbook.
So enough for today,