Ca Canny

Ca Canny
Sat 5 Dec 2009 12:49
Sat 5th November 09 12.00
16.30N 15.31W 00:00 course 277 SOG 7.0 Kn 619 miles to go.
good wind started this morning during a squall that came over, still continuing.
Sausage caserole last night to great delight of Jamie. 'Best meal ever' dixit.
Saw 2 episodes of Doc Martin.
I am going to start to do my home work which I lost prior to my departure.
Just to give you an idea How to get these e-mails send and received.
We need to find a spot on the boat with the iridium/satelite phone where we get 5 bar reception. With the laptop attached to the mains and further cables from the laptop to the iridium. Once we have all this in place, we do a dial up like the olden days at home.
With the frequent jumping off, losing all e-mails and having to resent them.
Photo's don't seem to ge very well. They are not accepted anymore, I have tried, per 2 or even alone. Shame because we have a few that we wanted to send.
The sun is shining.
So not much to report.
Write again tomorrow.
PS we love getting e-mails !