13.51N 61.51W Soufriere

Ca Canny
Fri 18 Dec 2009 22:32
Dear Blogg readers,
We have spent the night in Mariogot bay, had a meal at the Chateau Margot.
There was happy hour, so we got double the portions. Banana colada. Veeery nice.
Back in 2 goes to the boat. It was pitch dark. The kids where first on the boat but without the key. We found them inside all settled for the night. The girls slept in the saloon. The boys read a bit more before retreating to there bunk together.
I don't remember the night at all. It must have rained a few times. As I remember Tine opening the hatch again with her feet.
This morning, we where up all very early. Had breackfast at length, ME and A went to shore for a walk, the kids snorkelled.
At 11.00 we where off.
We arrived at 14.30 in Soufriere, attached to the moore ring.
A, M and ME where brought ashore by Pieter.
We went to customs and immigration to clear ourselves out of St Lucia.
After some further snorkelling, we had a leasurely afternoon.
Early sundowner, with the pilot books out to decide where to we where going.
We read up on St Vincent, the different bays with varying stories of risky situations and locals.
So we decided to go to Bequia which is 54 Miles from Soufriere.
We will leave at first light, 5 or 6 am.
The girls are cutting up all the vegetables for a salad.
I marinated the steaks which we will cut up in strips and prepare in a stur fry.
ME has learned to use gloves when cutting up turmeric. Her hands and nails are all yellow now.
The locals come flying by in their fishing vessels with raised bow. The cut very nice through the water.
They are very friendly waving and cheery.
The immigration's lady had entered ME and Isobel in the airport and remembered her.
My mun texted me informing that there was 30 cm snow in Belgium.
A was telling the customs and immigration personnel about it.
After this we had a drink because it was very hot. A felt a bit peckish and had some chicken wings. ME had her first Vodka/coke.
So, we will report again tomorrow after our trip to Bequia.
Cheerio everyone