Thursday 27th, Ardglass Harbour, 54:15,702N 5:36,344W

Ca Canny
Thu 27 Aug 2009 10:40

We left BallyCastle at around 4pm after the gale had blown itself out and headed round the coast with the intention of sailing thru the night down to Dublin.
Winds were 20knts and for once in the right direction so we hoisted the main sail and made good time round the North Channel. As we rounded the coast, the wind was to our starboard side so we hoisted the foresail and made good time.
However, the wind continued to increase to 35 knts and we decided to put a reef in the main sail so we turned head to wind and began to furl the foresail but the wind continued to increase and we ended up in a force 8 gale - obviously the wind had not seen the forecast !
It was time to batten down the hatches and pull in the sails and run for cover but as we began to bring in the foresail, the furling mechanism became jammed with the furling barrel entangled in the sheets. Alan and I went up to the bow and sorted out the problem - the wing=d was so strong now that it was difficult to work on the decks.
That problem solved, the Main came down but as it did - it pulled the lazy jacks (guiders for the sail) right out of the roller at the top of the mast and we ended up with the huge main sail all over the canopy and decks. So once again, Alan and I were up on the deck being thrown about manually folding the sail backk on to the top of the Boom - no easy feat in a force 8 Gale !!!
20 minutes later we were steaming down the coast and the wind subsided to a gentle breeze - unbelievable !
We continued under motor down the coast to Ardglass Harbour where we arrived at 4am this morning. We now have to carry out some repairs and sit out yet another gale this afternoon before heading off this evening to once again sail thru the night to hopefully reach Dublin.
Off to hoist Alan up the mast now to repair the Lazyjacks !
Ps - picture of the local residents at Ardglass Harbour !

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