Ca Canny position 17.24N 46.14W

Ca Canny
Thu 3 Dec 2009 14:01
Day 12
Dear all,
The wind has dropped to minimal strenght below 5 knots.
We have motored through the night as the ocean was like a slowly moving liquid metal in the moonlight.
We have taken the opportunity to take a more norderly course as the wind direction pushed us south of St Lucia.
So this morning, we have hoisted the genoa on starboard and the smaller foresail on port side.
We are making 6+ knots and cruising along on a very calm ocean.
But now we arae heading directly to the Northern tip of St Lucia behind which lies Rodney Bay, the arrival line.
Skipper is very, very happy with this sail setup and the effectiveness.
The back of the driving seat gave way this morning, so this has been repaired once again.
Paul has caught another fish, a baracuda this time.
Plenty flying fish around us. Skimming on the surface like stones thrown.
The photo's I have tried to send yesterday have been unsuccesfull.
I will keep trying.
We have 870 miles to go from the total of 2700.
Just to give you an idea how far we are from land.
1750 from Tenerife, 1208 from Cape Verde islands, 1980 miles from New York city, 1964 from Boston. How are the red socks doing ? 3062 miles from Edzell.
So no further issues to report.
Will be back tomorrow with further drama.