Wed 23rd Dec 12.37N 61.21W

Ca Canny
Wed 23 Dec 2009 22:38
Dear Blogg readers,
We have had the best day of all in paradise. From the point of the Jacobs family point of view.
We left early to arrive in Tobago Cay at 10.30 am
On a mooring in horse shoe reef. Next to a small island with a white soft sandy beach and a few palm trees.
Snorkelling on the reef with the kids and Isobel.
Swimming near the beach, looked for the iguano's which where abundant on this tiny Island.
After lunch a siesta in the shadow under a palm tree till we where to be picked up by Mr Wonderfull in his speed boat. Of to another island for a lobster barbecue.
Very, very nice with extra's for Pieter because he moaned that he was not getting his fare share. 2 extra lobsters.
After this, we where back on Ca Canny for a further sundowner.
Kids and Tine playing cards, ME reading, me writing up the blogg and some replies from some lovely people who wrote in.
We would wish another day in this paradise without any shops and basic nature all around you. We will discuss and negotiate it.
Cheers everyone who is still reading this.