20.04N 34.07W 28th November

Ca Canny
Sat 28 Nov 2009 11:12
Good day everybody,
Position as above. Course 261degrees, SOG 9.0 knots, Swell 1 to 2 meters, Wind True 17-Apparent 12 knots, weather Scathered clouds 26 C,
Starboard tack wiith parasailer. 1731 miles to go.
Skipper has been up all night worried re squalls.
We have had a rough night with loud bangs on regular interval against midship.
This because we where on a starboard tack and this meant the waves being at an angle.
So we slammed in them regularly.
Dear Isobel,
We have past by the Cape Verde Islands albight 200 miles north.
It feels like I know the islands very well because Domingas has thought me for the last 20 years.
We are still in the running. Sorting out problems as they present.
Our watermaker has been fixed by Paul. There was a connetion that was loose.
So no risk of dehydration.
The engines are FINE, somehow this was a worry at the home front.
The baterries are not so great. Either they have been abused by a previous owner or ?
So yesterday we installed the solar panel on the canopy to help generate some charge.
It seems to work well. This means less generator or engine running to charge the batteries.
Dinner yesterday was sweet & sour chicken with rice prepared by Alan.
This morning bacon buttie, Dorado in oat meal and Paul will frie his in the remaining bacon fat.
We have had contact with John & Julie who are on the other Broadblue (catamaran) over the SSB (single side band)
We have a healtlhy competition going with them and will have a chat daily at 18.00 hours.
John is on his boat with 2 palls and his wife. The 3 of them have been test pilots for jet planes. They are in to details to the nth degree. They are taking a more Northerly route.
If you want to follow the race look up their blogg and compare the positions who is winning.
Their yacht is 'Amazing Grace'
Everyone is feeling fine again today.
We have not seen any boats on the horizon for the past 36 hours.
Paul is miffed as he has lost 5 games of cards on the trot against Jamie.
I am afraid we have not lost any weight as yet,
 wich is an aim for some of us.
Jamie says hello to MC !
Marc has been voluteered to be a net controller.
So each Thursday, he takes all the positions of boats that have no means to transfer this to ARC Control in Cowes. The weather report is also read out. Further there is a bit of chit chat with anyone who has something to bring.
All this over the SSB.
This gives insight how other boats are doing, their tactics and how conservative or not they are sailing.
Re e-mails over the irridium phone/internet.
Please don't send attachements or large files as the connection is slow and could potentially block the usage which would be a shame.
We are very happy to receive e-mails from family and friends.
Yesterday we have tried to send some photo's but it failed.
We need to compress them and send them in this format but we don't know how to do this.
 We will try and figure this out.
So I am going to request the GRIB file from Arc controll for the weather forecast of the next 2 to 3 days.
If there are any questions or things you would like to know than please tell us.
We say high to Portsmouth as I know they are following several yachtsfor a school project.
To Han, Happy retiral and wish you a good party.   
We feels privileged to be here and experiencing this adventure.
Thanks for  all the support from family & friends.
Cheers everyone