19.35N 35.03W

Ca Canny
Mon 30 Nov 2009 11:27
To everyone who is following our exploits.
It is Sunday the 29th November.
At 14.30 hours today, we have been unerway for 7 days.
The predictions of the wind for the coming days are such that we don't anticipate making the same speeds.
There is 1526 miles to go. In 126 miles we will be half way.
Jamie had another Dorado on his hook, we took pictures from him fighting/trying to pull the fish in. Unfortunately he jumped a few times and was able to unhook himself.
We have now finished our evening meal and had a dessert: peaches with cream.
I did my first eyesplice with some success.
We missed the contact with Amazing Grace as we where chatting away after our meal.
We've had some nice e-mails today, thanks for that.
To Gordon & Gillian Roberson:
Just to say that I get regularly updates from Tine and that I am thinking of you both !
I wish you strenght is these difficult times.
We will attach a few more photo's
Skipper has deviced a system to quickly collapse and houll in the parasailer hopefully before it blows out during a squall.
Time to go now.
Evening activities are calling. ( a game of football on the grasfield around the corner)
Jamie still has a winning streak with cards against his dad. He has not lost since he started winning, now at its 7th game.
3.15 am wake up, ah, another 45 minutes, turn over. Can't sleep anymore, listening to all the noises of the boat. it sounds like we are in a storm down in the cabin.
3.45 get my kit on and join skipper on deck.
He has had the best sleep since we left Las Palmas.
Complete the log book. Which we do every 3 hours rather than every hour.
We are cruising very nicely with varying speeds between 7 and 13 knots.
The moon looks full almost dead ahead of us. She lights the black ocean in front of us up with a silvery shine over it.
Take a swig of my water bottle and prepare myself a plate of muesli.
No navigation lights in the 12 to 15 miles around us.
Clouds are fewer and scathered.
We don't expect this kind of good wind.
Watch passes uneventfull, complete the log book and hand over to Jamie.
Get my head down for a few more hours.
Today at 14.30 hours we will be half way.
The new card with the electronic charts is replacing the one for the east side of the Atlantic Ocean.
We review Rodney Bay where we will be moored. Paul's hotel is a mile South of R.B.
This morning we have speeds up to 15 knots on a large swell.
I repeat, we are cruising along nicely.
Everyone is in a boyant mood.
Rig check done, chafing preempted, no other issues at present.
Engine running to charge the batteries. Watermaker up and running to top us up.
Skipper dreaming of going around the world. Looking at faster boats.
Paul has reviewed our daily nutritional need, so he is happy for the day. He does not have to cook this evening.
position : 19.17N 37.18W
Will send this of now.
Till next time.