Ca Canny
Thu 10 Dec 2009 19:03
Dear Blogg readers,
Just to clear the tension.
We have arrived this morning at 04.33.13 hours the 16th.
There was rum punch waiting for us with a basket of fruit.
We talked till 07.00, John & Julie joined us at 6.
It was great to share experiences
At the moment we are leaving to the ARC welcome party.
Tomorrow we will start the cleaning etc.
Skipper has been on top of the mast and found out that cause of the parasailor halyard failure.
A U shackle where a pully block was attached had snapped. Which left the halyard just the time of friction with the mast till that snapped.
Anyway, we're off now.
Skipper is grand dad !!
A girl of 7 pound plus. Congrats.
Till next time
We have spend the previous evening with the crews of the 129 boats that have arrived.
Exchanging stories, amazing, some real heroic situations.
An all female crew lost the use of generator, engine and hence had no electricity, navigational or communication equipment and this after 2 days into the crossing.
Still a lot of boats to arrive a the number of entries was 200 +
We where 95th of the fleet but when handicaps are taken into consideration we will be placed different. we will  try to keep you updated.
Half of the inside of Ca Canny has been cleaned now.
It is very hot, luckily there is a permanent breeze.
On Sunday the Basford and Jacobs families are arriving, on Tuesday isobel and Marie Ellen.