Sun 6th December 09 Ca Canny

Ca Canny
Sun 6 Dec 2009 12:10
Dear All,
16.03N 53.14W
Yesterday, I have made a mistake when copying the coordinates as you can clearly see.
Instead of 50 I wrote 15. Today is accurate again.
Rest assure, we are not returning to Africa.
We are clearly smelling land.
The count down has begone.
The wind has picked up, is still gusty because of the numerous squalls coming over us.
Overnight, one was accompanied by 10 min heavy down poor.
Skipper was on and closed all the hatches.
Every time we pass 600, 500, 400 miles to go, we enter it in the log.
We've been accompanied by a yacht all night, they have slightly overtaken us and are in front of us now. They roll and pitch with the sails in winged position and the rolling swell which is large. It is a swan 40 for the people that know what this means.
Well build yacht, high spec from Finland, racer.
We realise that our 24 hour routine will soon end.
Getting up in the middle of the night and stay awake for 3 hours. It has become a habit as far as this can become a habit.
Paul has started to read his second Dick Frances.
Jamie is catching as much sun as he can in between rest stops.
We watched Doc Martin last night. They asked me if this was realistic.
Ra, ra, what do you think.
We have giving up fishing.
Last night, the last curry. Food is starting to dimish.
Skipper is doing sweat and sour chicken tonight.
We have not found any cocroaches as yet on the ship.
One more week and the families are coming over.
Can someone buy the sunday papers please.
The first yachts from the racing division have arrived 2 days ago, the first 2 with 20 minutes difference only.
Everyone is still in good health of body and mind.
 I'll send this for now.