16.55N 48.26W

Ca Canny
Fri 4 Dec 2009 15:08
Just a small blogg for the one's who are still following this adventure,
16.55N 48.26W course 267 degrees COG 5.9 Kn True wind 13.8 Kn apparent 9.2 sunny, luckily there is some wind.
Paul and Alan have found out that the battery charger was set on gel battery and the boat has a lead acid battery. So the setting was changed and hopefully this will make a difference in charging and keeping the charge.
Slow progress as you can see, little wind.
Skipper has caught a fish last night. Strange fish. We will try and attach a photo.
We could not give it the proper name so named it 'El Presidente Fish'
The fish we caught yesterday and thought to be a baracuda has now been renamed to Wahou. We had it prepared in the oven and ate it with rice at lunch time.
Further no news.