Thu 24th Dec 13.00N 61.14W Admiralty Bay

Ca Canny
Thu 24 Dec 2009 23:00
Dear Blogg readers,
This morning, we have snorkelled again in paradise.
Seen lots of fish in and around the coral.
The deck was cleaned, the red water line. The anodes around the propshaft have been replaced.
We had an extensive lunch with egg mayo, tuna salad, guacamole.
Around 13.00 we left, once through the narrow passages between the little Islands, we set sail. Beem reach almost all the way to Admiralty Bay.
We reached 9.3 knots and averaged 8.5 knots.
Arrived at the expected TOA 16.00 hours.
We have had to look hard to find a mooring as it is busy for Xmas.
After tying up on a bright yellow boy, the local boy came flying out, shouting : no, no, this is for the gasoline line.
He gave us another one, next to an American in an old motor boat. He found us too close and made it loud and clear. 'I don't want to get to know you too well folks'.
He was on anker and we where on a mooring.
The families went to the shop for drinks for the kids. Ha, ha.
We where too late for the sundowner but had a drink anyway.
We are late with meals etc.
A lot of boats have Xmas lighting, there is music on several boats.
We are going to barbecue the fish we bought this morning.
We wish everyone a happy Xmas eve.