28.55.055N, 013.42.255W

Ca Canny
Mon 26 Oct 2009 08:57
Monday morning sitting in the marina at Puerto Calero, Lanzarotte. Sun is shining with not a cloud in the sky !
We arrived at 8-30 Sunday Morning after 84 hours at sea.
The weather moderated after the second night and by the 3rd night the swells had calmed down to 2-3 metres and we rollercoasted the 3rd day of the trip with the Parasail up and the wind right on the stern at 15 - 20 knots.
However the wind picked up again to 25 knots and as we had ripped the Parasail crossing Biscay in 25 Knot wind we decided to take down the sail an motor instead. Was this a good decision - possibly but as we pulled the sail down it caught on the front of the boat and we again ripped the sail right across the bottom !
The 4th night would have been ideal Parasail weather as the wind had calmed down again to 15 Knots but with the sail in tatters we could only grumble and continue to motor.
Puerto Calero is fab. The marina has 450 berths - mostly full and there are numerous bars and restaurants round the marina.
Today we have to stay in port whilst we try to get the Parasail repaird once more so its off to Puerto Del Carmen for a look around.
Sorry no photo`s - left the camera at home !!!!!!!!

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