Oban to Ballycastle - Ireland 55:12.420N 006:14.360W

Ca Canny
Wed 26 Aug 2009 08:20

Tuesday - set off from Oban at 8-30. MarieEllen and Isabel abandoned ship and we set off down the sound of Jura heading off to Northern Ireland.
Weather was reasonable when we set off but soon the wind picked up to 30 knots - classified as a "moderate Gale" and we took a right hammering down the sound. The swell built up to 5m at times and for 4 hours the boat hammered up and down like an angry bucking bull - not a lot of fun !
We decided Ireland was a step too far and headed for shelter but unfortunately the nearest was at the southern end of Jura some 3 hours away and by the time we got there the worst was over and the gale had subsided to a "fresh Breeze" so we decided to press on as planned.
As we crossed the North Channel, the sea state improved and the rain passed leaving a very pleasent evening sail into the Irish Port of Ballycastle.
Couple of beers later - Bed !
Wednesday morning - forecast for more gales this afternoon and don`t fancy a repeat of yesterday so the plan is to do some jobs on the boat and sit the day out with the possibility of pushing out to sea again this evening and sailing overnight - but lets wait and see what the weather does !!!

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