13.14N 61.16W Wallilabou Bay

Ca Canny
Sun 20 Dec 2009 00:19
Dear Blogg readers,
We are sitting in the Wallilabou Anchorage 'restaurant', on the quay with view on the boot.
This morning, my alarm woke me up to prepare the dingy at 5.30 am.
We went to the fish market at first light.
Lots of stalls with fresh vegetables, fruit, green coconuts, fish cakes on the charcoal local fires. The local fires are made from clay and are also for sale on the market. 8 Caribean Dollar. They where sold in no time. strange. I think they don't last very long. They have to replace them very quickly.
After a breackfast with lots of fruit pealed by Tine, we left sailing from Soufriere direction south.
The open straight between St Lucia and St Vincent was very windy with wind up to 22 knots. Beam reach. Not to much current but still being pushed off course.
The first sea sickness raised its uggly head with Isobel and Mary Ellen.
We reached the leeward side of St Vincent and the going was smooth again.
There are only 2 points to clear customs in St Vincent. Wallilabou bay and Kingston the capital. Kingston was exposed to the wind, so we settled middle of the Island in Wallilabou bay. A small open bay which has been used as a film set for The Pirates of the Carribean.
The beach front is still all done up as a set with cotton bales, canons, the coffins standing up. The hotel front was still boarded up in front of the balcony with a fake wall, old doors etc. It was starting to get all a bit delapidated.
We mostly ate creole fish, chicken or pork.
Some of us had a shower on shore.
On return, Izzy made us bouzy banana. Rum, sugar, banana in the pan.
Just the right thing to close of the evening.
So till tomorow.