Tuesday 24th November 2009. 25.14.192N 20.17.64W

Ca Canny
Tue 24 Nov 2009 11:33
Hi John and everyone !

Our run of problems did not end with missing the start and returning to Las
Palmas to free the Halliard from the top of the foresail.

Our first night was a continuation of issues. The left bow cleat was found to be losening. So at half past 12 everyone out of the bunk to reach the cleat from below.
Otherwise we had an uneventfull first night.Yesterday we discovered that the
water maker (also supposedly repaired by Blue Water Algarve) had decided not
to work. After only 24 hours at sea we had used a quarter of the water from
the tanks - not good !!!

I stripped the water makers valve and found a way to bypass the faulty
distribution valve and produce water into a bottle and then manually
transfer to the tanks but this involved me squatting in the compartment
under Alans bunk for hours on end - also not good !!

In the end after a couple of hours of cursing and fiddling with the machine
I managed to sort out the problem - our good friends (not) at Blue Water
Algarve appear to have not tightened the electrical connections and the
diverter valve was not functioning.

So the good news is that we will not arrive at St Lucia smelling like pigs

Next problem - Alan started the engines to charge batteries and the engines
are showing a battery warning sign that according to the Handbook, we should
not run the engines at all !!!

However on a lighter note - this morning we saw a huge whale that surficed
the first time right next to the boat whilst Alan was standing right there
sorting out his fishing rod !! He recomends this as a cure for
constipation - it worked for him !

We will try to send a picture later but this thing was much bigger than the
boat and stayed with us for about half an hour. Thank goodness it did not
have an itch on its back to scratch against us !!!!!!!!!

Sausage and Eggs for breakfast. Marc and Jamie are both feeling Better.

Hope everything is going well on amazing grace - don`t forget to throw over
that fresh bread for us to pick up later !!!!!